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After the cool invitation cards and children’s birthday party decorations, I still owe you a debt of gratitude for the experiments for the researchers party. Since I’m a chemistry teacher, I have enough stock of experiments, of course, but very few suitable for home use. In the end, I made a fine choice which I will now introduce to you.

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Make your own slime

Before the children’s party actually started, each little researcher was allowed to stamp and label his or her own outer garment. I cut the pistons from the previous foam rubber and attached them to the blocks. The children then smeared the shape with cloth paint and attached it to the bag. It is important to put a sheet of cardboard under it so that the paint does not penetrate.


The children then wrote their names on it with a black cloth pen and we let everything dry well. So they are well equipped for the experiments afterward. This is then done in small groups at the dining room table while others play in the nursery.


Experiment 1: slime

I’ve written a blog post on this, where you can read all the ingredients and the recipe. Each child is allowed to take the finished mucus home with them. We use small plastic cups for this. Urine cups are good too.

Tries_for_ the_ research_party

Experiment 2: lava lamp

Unfortunately I forgot the photo here because of the birthday euphoria. But of course I will write down how it works.

Fill a glass jar 1/4 full with water and add food coloring until the solution turns nice and dark. You can rotate the bottle a little so that the colors are well distributed. Then you carefully fill the bottle with oil. Colored water and oil do not mix – oil is lighter than water and therefore always on top. Now you can break 2-3 effervescent tablets into quarters each and throw the tablet pieces into the bottle one at a time.

Danger! Don’t shake the bottle, otherwise you won’t be able to see anything anymore.


Finally we went down to a sandpit and made pharaoh’s snake.


Experiment 3: Pharaoh’s Snake

What you need:

You stack the sand and place the pastiles next to each other with a little space between them. The children then sprinkled them with denatured alcohol. Finn lit everything under my watch and then it was time to wait. I won’t tell you what the result is. Make sure to give it a try! The children are fascinated.


As well as homemade slime, there is a bottled tornado with instructions as gifts. It was very well received and reported to us.

bottle tornado

I hope you have enjoyed experimenting on the research side and that you give it a try.

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