The best application for toddlers

Due to recent events (the corona crisis) and the many messages on Instagram on my story today, I will update my post about the best apps for toddlers. As I can see now, this is really needed after 5 years. Some applications are gone, others have become more expensive. So now everything is up to date!

I will introduce you to a great game for children from 3 years of age that makes sense and gives you a quick breath. This should not be a discussion about how many years children should be on the Ipad, everyone should decide their own kids.

Application for toddlers

Today I will introduce our favorite application for toddlers. I always link to the Appstore, but you’ll definitely get games for Android too. The orange cover around our Ipad is also a great kid’s protection if it falls out of hand. It’s called the IGuy, and has legs and arms that kids can use to hold on to. You can find a similar cover here (Amazon partner link).

Lego Duplo

Ben really enjoys playing all the Duplo apps. They are free and made very funny. About 5 years ago when Finn was having Duplo fever there were more Duplo app choices which sadly dropped in two. There are “Connected Trains”, where trains can be loaded and run through the area. If you have a Duplo locomotive, you can control it via the app. And then there’s “Lego Duplo World”. Made super cute, with famous Duplo animals and lots of different worlds to play with. Unfortunately, only the train world is free here. Personally, I found the others quite expensive, but they are definitely great.

Hidden object application

Now we come to the Wimmel application. Some of them were free, but later they were limited. Because I thought they were really well made, we bought them all.

Back then, the app was free, but maybe not anymore. It’s made funny and includes three animated circus pictures.

I also download this application for free. But since you can only play “In the morning”, I bought it. Finn really likes the app.

So far, this is Ben’s favorite app. There is a picture of a firefighter and one of the policemen. After you buy an app, it will switch between seasons automatically. The animation is very funny and a lot happens.

Unfortunately, the app is no longer available for free, but it definitely costs € 2.29. Animated images are made very funny. Ben bursts out laughing as Grandpa bubbles up in a whirlpool and the baby in the nursery cries.

This application is currently very popular among us. You can choose between three scenarios where you can find cute surprises. Whether on the plane or in the departure hall, there is always something going on.

Music application

Of course, music shouldn’t be lost here either.

The app is not very spectacular, but it’s free. Only for small children. Just hit the button.

This is again one of my favorite apps, because the music is so good and the animals are very cute. A kind of Wimmelapp for three children’s songs. There is also a mode where your little one can make their own music. Frogs sounded, bottles clinked, and drums clinked.

A very simple application that displays the text and notes of a beautiful children’s song and plays it.

I have introduced you to the application for Laura’s star here with a video. I found them very well drawn and beautifully designed.

Read the application

Ipad can also read books. Of course, I would rather read real books than my children, but moving pictures are different. Unfortunately, junior apps are no longer available in German at this time.

This application tells the story of Mowgli and Balu. There is something moving on every side.

Many Pixi books as free apps. Small stories read in English, if you will.

I also download this application for free. There are many Grimm’s fairy tales and sometimes some are free. Fairy tales are told as interactive pop-up books.

Puzzle application

We come to the category of children’s puzzles. Finn likes to do puzzles, including on the Ipad.

This application is very funny. Mix of puzzles and sequences.

In the free version you can only work on the first puzzle, the puzzle is also made very simple, but Finn is happy to do it.

Again, you can only work on a few puzzles if you don’t buy the full version.

Other applications

And now apps for toddlers that don’t fit into a single category.

The short version is cheap and very cute. I haven’t bought the old one.

Finn’s absolute favorite app. Here you can work on various construction sites. The graphics are great and the animations are really well done.

Almost all possible professions for Dr. Panda. Every now and then some are available free of charge. We tried the craftsman, postman and cook and they were all great fun.

It’s hard to believe how long Finn can spend washing cars or airplanes here. The game is very simple, but he has a lot of fun.

Phew, that sure was a long post. But I don’t really want to share it because everything is better in a moment. Hope you enjoyed my post about the best apps for toddlers.

Which children’s apps can you recommend?

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