10 job ideas for kids – the corona crisis

Job ideas for children

Who would have thought everything would happen so fast now. We sit at home with the children and have to keep them busy because schools and child care centers are closed. When the weather is good, we try a lot to fly (where there is plenty of room), but this is not always possible. That’s why today I’m introducing 10 employment ideas for children during the corona crisis. There is definitely something in there that you can spontaneously emulate. Have fun!


Remodel the Playmobilhaus

Would you like your Playmobil house to look different or you don’t really like the colors? Then you just need a little spray paint and the house has a new look. I explain exactly how this works here.


Fimo Air

You can do great things with Fimo Air. It is a little softer than model clay, you can dye and dry on its own overnight. I used a miffy-shaped cookie cutter, but any other shape will work too. More here.

Corona_children` job

Cute idea made of pompoms

Despite the fact that no one really knows how to write pompoms, you can do great things with them. I’ve put together some ideas for you here.


Make your own slime

There are so many different recipes for making slime at home. Now is the time to try them all. Here I’ve introduced you to what works best in school.


Tinkering with 3D calendars

It’s already mid-March, but I guess you can still make a calendar. You can find a template here.

Craft_Corona ideas

Rabbit from egg carton

Since Easter is coming up soon, there is plenty of free time to make crafts for Easter. How about, for example, a cute rabbit made of egg cartons? Here are the instructions.


The bracelet is made of iron beads

Very simple but very beautiful. With the iron on the beads, you can make a great bracelet to wear alone or to give away. You can find the right post here.


Easter bunny made of concrete

By far the most popular DIY of my entire blog time is the cute concrete Easter bunny. By the way, you can find them in hardware stores or order them online. Here’s how it works.


Crafts with paper straws

Paper straws are not only great for drinking and good for the environment, but also for crafts. I present three gift ideas for you here.


Gifts for grandma and grandpa

Since we shouldn’t visit grandma and grandpa now, we can make something nice for them. Here you can see what will happen to the photo frames and mini pompons in the end.


And if the job ideas for kids weren’t enough for you, I have another book idea for you here. With my little son, I developed and tweaked 22 craft ideas for toddlers.

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