The best application for elementary school students

After I introduced apps for toddlers and preschoolers, apps for elementary school students certainly shouldn’t be missing. Especially now, when schools are closed because of Corona, it would be nice for the children not only to work on sheets. Tablets are a successful change and children can learn through play.

Application for elementary school students


Fiete Math is my personal favorite and in luck, it’s actually free for now. So download it fast. Fiete must load the ship so that the number of containers is suitable. For every successful level, an animal is involved. As usual, very good graphics and sweet melodies.

The antolin_reading game

The Antolin Reading Game is a continuation of the Antolin website. This is great because it motivates children to read books and answer questions about them. The app also offers small reading games.


We have to do Anton for school. Maybe this is the “must” reason why Finn is a little negative about him. I think it’s actually really good because there are exercises for every subject and every grade in elementary school. Kids can collect coins and then use them for small games. The graphics could be better, but it’s also free.


Quick Arithmetic 1 – practicing math costs a small amount of money, but it helps to calculate faster. This can help up to high school.


Jam Conni is made very cute. I introduced the free Flik Flak app to preschoolers, which is also great, but with Conni the app learning is even better.

Learn success_grundschule_app

If learning is successful in primary school, there are free exercises for each subject, so you will have to pay more to open them. Small games loosen up learning.


Forest primer is a very funny free application that provides insight into forest biology. Very important, especially for city children.


At Mathe Meister there are little arithmetic games to practice. This is the short lite version which is free.


Where is it? I thought it was very good. Since my geography skills aren’t the best either, we can all still learn something.


Who is that? is one of our favorite games. You have to remember which animals eat what foods and thus expose the thieves.

Hope you enjoy elementary school applications. Do you know any other good ones? Then he likes to write in the comments.

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